WiZ Lighting or simply cozy and smart

17. April 2021

*Advertising For some time now, we have switched the lights, at least in the lower rooms to smart. Recently, we have now installed the WiZ Lighting and with it everything is much easier. With one click among many others to…

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Decoration ideas for Easter and spring

18. March 2021

Already a while ago I unpacked the Easter bunnies and the Easter decoration…. Today I also have a little DIY for you and lots of decoration ideas. A little DIY for Easter Maybe you can still remember the Easter DIY…

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First Easter decoration or the bunnies are out

26. February 2021

Here the first Easter decoration moved in. Actually, already a few days 🙂 After the carnival that did not take place, I rummaged in my Easter boxes in the attic. Because I wanted to make on Instagram these Easter eggs…

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