A summer bouquet with dahlia Cafe au Lait

4. August 2021

How do you start after 6 weeks? So much has happened in the meantime, including an involuntary blog break. The one or the other certainly wondered why nothing new came. But who follows me on Instagram or is present at…

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A pool in the garden or it is finally ready!

20. June 2021

A pool in the garden would be great, especially during the pandemic…… It’s been a year since the resolution and now the landscaping around the pool has finally been completed. The project * a pool in the garden * is…

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Summer impressions from the evening June garden

4. June 2021

Finally summery warm temperatures and June 1 was actually the first warm evening. Long we have finally waited for it and could enjoy the evening outside. For you I now have summer impressions…. I love the lights in the garden,…

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