Decoration ideas for Easter and spring

18. March 2021

Already a while ago I unpacked the Easter bunnies and the Easter decoration…. Today I also have a little DIY for you and lots of decoration ideas.

Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti

A little DIY for Easter

Maybe you can still remember the Easter DIY with the eastereggs erinnern? These I had designed with cute Easter bunny napkins in napkin technique. When I wanted to show this on Instagram the other day, I had accidentally ordered the larger napkins (33x33cm). That is, the bunnies were too big for the eggs ;)) Therefore, I had to come up with an alternative and have designed small paper bags…..

Oster DIY mit Serviettentechnik, Pomponetti

Therefore you can take all napkins with bigger easter bunnies… just do a search …. The principle is the same as for eggs.

You need:

Strong paper bags, cans or flower pots…..
napkin glue
pointed scissors, paintbrush, black sharpie
possibly ribbon for a bow

I carefully cut out the bunnies and loosened the top layer from the napkin. Brush the bag with glue. Carefully place the bunnies on top and use more glue to gently brush the bunny into place. Always work from the inside out.

When the glue has dried, paint on the desired text with a black pen. Handlettering also looks beautiful. There’s plenty of inspiration on Pinterest.

My first video I uploaded to Youtube…. simply to share it here. Because there you can see well the individual steps….

Other decoration ideas for Easter

Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti
Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti

Do you need some more inspiration or decorating ideas for Easter? I love flower branches in big vases. Here I have decorated them together with the cute Easter bunnies and egg chicks from Christiane. I love Easter bunnies and every year at least one moves in with me ;))

For the ostrich egg in powder pink, I tied a loose little wreath of euphorbium and decorated it with pink baby’s breath.

Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti

I find such a large egg looks so nice. And I love the color!

Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti
Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti
Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti
Interiorinspiration Esszimmer, Pomponetti
Interiorinspiration Esszimmer, Pomponetti

Also in the living room again and again little things change. For example, the big bunny is a *wandering bunny* and is now on the window sill …. ;))

Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti
Interiorinspiration Wohnzimmer, Pomponetti

Last week I was actually at Depot…. quite spontaneously, when I was at the weekly market. Here it’s just possible click and meet, our insidence value was last week around the 70…. Yesterday, oh wonder it was even below 50!…. I just saw ….

At Depot I bought these single vases, but I did not like the gold. Therefore, I have it re-sprayed in mint 🙂 For this I always use the varnish from Edding.

Dekorationsideen für Ostern, Pomponetti

I wish you a wonderful day and above all stay healthy!!! Big hugs! ♥♥♥

I take part in: Friday Flowerday


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