A pool in the garden or it is finally ready!

20. June 2021

A pool in the garden would be great, especially during the pandemic…… It’s been a year since the resolution and now the landscaping around the pool has finally been completed.

A poo in the garden, Pomponetti

The project * a pool in the garden * is finally ready

A year ago we had already bought the steel wall pool. However, such a big project was far from being planned at that time. Actually, we just wanted to put it in the garden… something off, so that it isn’t immediately noticeable….

Why we decided on a different solution, you could follow last year on Instagram or read here. By the way, in last year’s post you’ll also find a smaller breakdown of costs and what to look for in a pool installation. Rather it’s  a ToDo, how we have installed it.

A poo in the garden, Pomponetti

However, we were not the only ones with the idea to build a pool in the garden 😉 We had probably got hold of one of the last pools, but all accessories, including the pool stones, were sold out. So the pool was finished in the middle of July with a wooden terrace, but the part to the gravel path at the front pergola was left open. Because there had to be bricked an attachment for the pool stones.

At the end of September, when the pool stones were finally delivered, The Man of my heart set to work. However, he still had to cut there and at the bed along the pool terrace and fill with gravel. This is exactly what happened now…. and it looks just beautiful and finished 🙂

A poo in the garden, Pomponetti
A poo in the garden, Pomponetti
A poo in the garden, Pomponetti

We also had to fill the space between the planter boxes with gravel. The Man of my heart built the planter boxes for me last year from the remains of the wooden terrace, with an open bottom so that everything can take root well. The back one is about 20cm high, the side one 30cm. In the back one I planted Anabelle hydrangeas, in the other one beach grass and FairyRose.  

A small vegetable patch from wood scraps

In addition, I got a small vegetable patch in the same design.

Vegetable patch, Pomponetti

There grow pole beans, pick lettuce, several varieties of pumpkin and sweet potato. If this works out well, I would like to add another bed….. Wood scraps are still there ;))

Garden and decoration ideas

A poo in the garden, Pomponetti

Finally the roses are blooming! I decorated the garden table with a few lanterns and a black XL tray. In it I have arranged a small solar fountain, some stones, roses and a floating light….

Gardenimprssions, Pomponetti
Peonies, Pomponetti

One of my early peonies * Lady Alexandra Duff * Unfortunately the thunderstorm, rather the rain damaged them tonight….

Gazebo in Summer, Pomponetti
Gazebo in Summer, Pomponetti
Gardenimprssions, Pomponetti
Gardenimprssions, Pomponetti
Gazebo in Summer, Pomponetti

I also redecorated the gazebo a bit. Most of the plants here will last into the fall. The old limo box I have meanwhile designed differently…. There are some great possibilities here!

Gardenimprssions, Pomponetti

The rest of the garden is also inviting and we really enjoy having this opportunity. It is truly not a matter of course.

Lewisisa, gardenimpressions, Pomponetti
Lewisia, Pomponetti
Agapanthus, Pomponetti

My agapanthus is blooming… what a dream!

Gardenimprssions, Pomponetti
Hydrangea  Magic, Pomponetti
Gardenimprssions, Pomponetti

I wish you now a wonderful rest of Sunday, big hugs and stay healthy! ♥♥♥


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